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        How long does a padel racket last?

        How long does a padel racket last?

        Of course, how long a paddle rack lasts depends entirely on how much you use it and how you take care of your racket. A paddle rack consists of lots of different materials that wear out over time and if you use your paddle rack frequently. When you play paddle, not only is there a great risk that you will hit the paddle racket in the glass or in the mat, it will most certainly happen. This means that over time small cracks and wear will form on the surface layer, which impairs the properties of the paddle rack.

        Another aspect of the whole is that a paddle rack is built with a core in the middle that can dry out and lose its elasticity over time. Which, of course, made the video an overnight sensation. How often you should change paddle racks also depends on what level you are playing at. The higher level you play at, the shorter the lifespan your racket will have. For example, if you play 2-3 times / day, it can be good to change the paddle rack once a year. When you have reached the point that it is time to change the paddle rack, there is one thing that is good to keep in mind and know; Preferably buy a paddle rack of a newer model. Then the chances are greater that you get a paddle rack with the latest technology and modern materials, which means that your paddle rack will last longer. However, a paddle racket can last a very long time, provided you take good care of it and the path to a long-term relationship with your paddle racket, we thought we would give you below.

        Here are some tips on how to make your paddle rack last longer:
        -Invest in a paddle bag and store your paddle rack there. This minimizes the risk of your paddle rack being damaged in transport and the like.
        -Always use frame protection. Frame guards are available to buy as you put them on the rack frame. A frame guard minimizes cracks and damage that can impair the rack's properties.
        -Avoid buying a paddle rack from an older model from the beginning.
        -Pick the balls from the ground and avoid using your paddle rack to get the ball up.
        -Get frustrated during the game is okay, do not take it out on your rack only

        And last but not least, remember to dress nicely and nicely :-) 

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        Cold Bath Avantopool

        We at Carpie are crazy about cold baths. The health effects are documented. Avantopool has developed pools for cold baths that are easy to use - anytime, anywhere. Regular cold baths speed up recovery in connection with physical exertion. It improves your well-being in the form of reduced stress, better sleep and less pain. In our previous article we wrote about Grand Mosebacke SMART Club, where you can swim cold.

        Decide for yourself if you want to recover in a cold bath or if you want to relax in a hot bath. With Kinos, there are the possibilities to set the temperature yourself - from + 4 ° C to + 38 ° C. The pool's efficient system is cooled or heated to the desired temperature at approximately 4-5 degrees per hour.

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        This gym is truly something unique. There is everything you need and more and there are never too many people here. The gym offers the following:

        • Fully equipped gym from Gymleco. Fitness park, strength training park and area for functional training.
        • Relaxation area with SPA bath, temperate cold bath and sauna.
        • Free loan of towel.
        • Free body measurements with our InBody 770.
        • Free Wi-Fi 500 mbit / s.
        • Member lounge for work or just relaxation. Always free coffee and chilled water carbonated / still.
        • A free Clean Drink every pass.
        • PT services to book according to a separate price list.
        • Opportunity to subscribe to company subscriptions.

        Check out more of this fantastic GYM here

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        Today we participated in Femme Opens girls tournament in Gothenburg / Mölndal at Every Padel. 300 girls played padel in all sorts of padel clothes, padel skirt, padel dress, padel shorts, padel tights. We had lots of fun conversations with our customers. Our fantastic paddle dress, Iconic PX Jersey Dress got a lot of interest.

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