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        Padelskirts & Padeldresses

        röd padelkjol dam röd padelkjol damOn Sale
        499 SEK 599 SEK
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        tenniskjol i vitt tenniskjol i vitt
        499 SEK
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        röd padelklänning röd padelklänningOn Sale
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        blue padel outfit with top and skirt. knot at the back on the padeltop blue padel outfit with top and skirt. knot at the back on the padeltop
        529 SEK
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        Paddle & tennis dresses

        We at Carpie offer our fantastic trendy paddle dresses to conscious women who want high quality, carefully designed paddle clothes at a reasonable price. The paddle dresses can of course also be used as a tennis dress. We have several different models and we have developed a paddle and tennis collection that suits most bodies and age groups. Padel and tennis are sports that are practiced by all age groups and we want to be able to offer our nice paddle dresses and tennis dresses to all women who want to look a little extra beautiful and nice on the paddle court and at the tennis club. Our beautiful paddle dresses and tennis dresses in our collection are also very comfortable, which means that you can focus 100% on your activity. We offer our paddle dresses in many colors, carefully designed so that you get the most out of your paddle or tennis match. Our paddle dresses and tennis dresses can also be used off the court, on the way to the match or after training when you have a coffee in town.

        Dresses for both sports

        Paddle dress and tennis dress is a very practical garment because you do not have to have both a lower part and an upper part. Our paddle dresses and our tennis dresses always include inner trousers / tights of the highest quality where you can easily place the ball. A paddle dress or tennis dress is a nice alternative to your paddle skirt or tennis skirt.

        The materials we use in our paddle dresses for women are carefully selected taking into account function, feel, appearance, quality and durability. The fabrics are from Italy and Portugal and the production of our paddle clothes and tennis clothes takes place in a sustainability certified factory in Portugal.

        Classic paddle & tennis dress but also a design that sticks out

        We work with a slightly bolder and exciting design that stands out, but we still stay within the framework of a classic style, which means that you can use our tennis dresses and paddle dresses for several years. Timelessness is a value word for us when we produce our tennis dresses and paddle dresses. Our colors are also produced in the more classic shades, which makes them fashionable from one season to the next.

        The paddle dresses and tennis dresses are designed in Sweden on Södermalm in Stockholm and carefully tried and tested by paddle and tennis playing women with high demands.